About US


We understand the aesthetic yearnings that a nature lover craves for and has been instrumental in translating into manifestations in the form of landscape with lush green expansive surroundings, well manicured lawns, trees with rich foliage, resplendent with flowers of every hue and colour. We are engaged in Landscaping, Horticulture, Plantations, Indoor Plants, Maintenance & Nursery Development.

We had our modest beginning in the spring of 1991 and experience gained over the years, executed projects worth more than 60 Cr. between 2008 and 2016. We have a well-knit team of renowned Horticulturists, qualified technical staff, support staff and skilled work force with adequate tools and equipment needed for carrying out uninterrupted work progress. We deploy separate independent work force at every work site for timely execution of assignments with quality assurance.

We have been able to create scenic spots in Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Panipat, Hissar, Agra, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Karnataka. Barren lands have been transformed into greens, so to say.

SCOPE OF ACTIVITIES: Scenic Developers is engaged in


We have a nursery of our own where we develop plants and flowers of all varieties and sizes.

Our scope of activities is wide ranging – from building mounds, ponds, waterfalls, and pathways to lawn making and plantation of seasonal and variegated flowers, shrubs and trees.

We ensure compliance with the conditions of the Contracts with an abiding sense of keenness, involvement and commitment in all the activities involved in the Landscape, Horticulture, Plantation and Maintenance works we are entrusted with. We stress upon supply of strong healthy plantations, genuine materials, quality of workmanship and timely execution of the assignment. It is our earnest endeavour to make a success of any ensure for our clients who we come into association with.

Horticulture, Landscaping and Plantation works are the fields in which we have the expertise, manpower and the experience. We strive to innovate and upgrade with creatively and aesthetic yearning in pursuit of excellence and the satisfaction of a job well done.